Welcome to experience the magnificent Bothnian Sea and a nature lover’s paradise! After disembarking at Iso-Enskeri, you can explore this diverse island along a nature trail (1.4 km or 3 km). The narrow path leads you to the devil’s field and gives you an insight into the history of the island. The dense spruce forest in the centre of the island has an old-growth forest feel and the trailside ant nests give the walk a special rythm. Alternatively, you can spend the day relaxing by the beach and enjoying your own picnic while admiring the sea. For the visitors, the island offers a fireplace, a cooking shelter and a dry toilet. This beautiful part of Bothnian Sea National Park’s outer archipelago has been preserved intact since ancient times, It can be described as unique – here you are a guest of honour in nature. The area is rich in seabirds, and the boat trip will take you not only past idyllic summer cottage islands but, if lucky, also swan families.