Adventure Park Huikee

Adventure Park Huikee is located in Yyteri, next to the most beautiful beach in Northern Europe. Yyteri is a unique beach along nearly 6 km of the west coast. The adventure park is part of Yyteri Beach Resort, which has high-quality accommodation in villas, saunas by the sea and a restaurant.

Adventure Park Huikee has activities for all ages. The rope track passes between the trees at a height of 1–13 metres and its total length is nearly 2 km. It consists of 115 different challenges and you need to climb, slide and balance your way between the trees while overcoming various obstacles. Huikee also offers fatbikes that make it easy to get around in the soft sands of Yyteri. The most adventurous can challenge themselves at the kick scooter track Pumptrack.

Hiekkarannantie 189, 28800 Pori
044 971 6660
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