Bothnian Sea National Park

Feel the surf and spindrift of the sea, listen to the ripple of the waves and look far to the open sea! Established in 2011, the Bothnian Sea National Park comprises approximately 160 km of the coast of Satakunta and Southwest Finland. The National Park extends from Luvia to Merikarvia in the Pori region, and it is mainly located in the outer archipelago. 98% of the area of the Bothnian Sea National Park is water, so the park offers a magnificent open landscape for even several days’ trips by sail or motorboat.

Sail to the outer archipelago and call at excursion harbours.

See and experience the rugged and rocky outer archipelago with its sea-buckthorn bushes and blooming shore meadows. You can berth at the park’s islands and camp for short periods. There are resting and campfire places on the islands. There are also several excursion harbours in the National Park area to visit, such as Munakari, Iso-Enskeri and Seliskeri, Säppi in Luvia and Ouraluoto in Merikarvia.

Säppi lighthouse and old Oura pilotage service

The lighthouse on the island of Säppi in Luvia was built in the 19th century. In addition, you can admire the heritage landscape, rare mouflon and migratory birds on the island.

Ouraluoto in Merikarvia is part of the Oura archipelago. It draws tourists both in the summer and winter. You can stay overnight in the old pilotage service building or the “Russian barracks”, and you can also enjoy sauna and swimming on the island.

Next to the open sea, the forces of nature can be felt directly and you understand your own finiteness. Let the Bothnian Sea National Park touch you.

Did you know this: The islands off Pori are accessible by boat trips organised by local businesses in the summertime. Check the timetables and contact Visit Pori for tickets.

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