Archipelago road & Ahlainen

An unhurried road trip in picturesque scenery

Enjoy the proximity of the sea and beautiful scenery on the Pori archipelago road. You’ll also get to visit the idyllic village of Ahlainen.

Sometimes the journey feels like hard work and reaching your destination is a relief. When you’re driving on the archipelago road, however, you can leave the stress of daily life behind and rest your eyes and soul on the beauty that surrounds you. The road features nature at its most pristine, and there are also impressive man-made structures in the form of bridges, buildings and wind turbines.

The small village of Ahlainen provides a refreshing and idyllic resting place for the weary traveller. It is a nationally significant cultural environment that is best enjoyed by walking down the quaint streets with an ice cream in your hand.

WIND TURBINES • The massive propellers may divide opinion, and some people have even expressed concerns about the dangers they pose to bats. But one thing is for certain: wind turbines are an impressive sight.

CHURCH • The beautiful church, built in 1796, and its slightly newer separate belfry are a fascinating part of Finnish history.

You know the person?

H.P. Lovecraft in Ahlainen

When my pet octopus Cute-Wilhelm faced his untimely death, I headed to Ahlainen to heal my shattered mind. For a while, everything started to look better again, but my sanity was to be wiped away by some church bells ringing in my skull. But there was no bell tower on the local church building. Just some pompous outhouse next to the church. Was this some kind of scheme pulled by local cultists? Insanity and horror were too overwhelming, and I decided to escape to America.

H.P. Lovecraft (1890 — 1937)

  • Take a dramatic selfie in front of the bell tower.
  • Establish some kind of sea-oriented religion or cult.
  • Take the tour of three bridges and brag about it on social media.
H.P. Lovecraft in Ahlainen