Kallo & Uniluoto

When the road ends, the dreaming begins

When someone from Pori falls in love, they take their sweetheart to Kallo to admire the smooth sea-kissed rocks. If this someone suffers a break-up, they watch the storm beat down on the same rocks.

Kallo is a small rocky island that can be reached by driving straight along National Road 2, even all the way from Helsinki. The atmosphere of Kallo leaves a mark in every visitor’s heart. Next to Kallo is Uniluoto, a seaside neighbourhood where you can sense both the calmness and the restlessness of the sea.

WOODEN HOUSES • Walking on the streets of Uniluoto, it’s hard not to think about moving there. What would life be like there? Would I finally be happy?

SEGELFÖRENINGEN I BJÖRNEBORG • Feast your eyes on the boats of Finland’s oldest sports club, established in 1856, while enjoying the weekend soup lunch. You can also book facilities for events and parties, including a sauna and catering.

EXPERIENCE THE BOTHNIAN SEA AND ISLANDS• Boat trips to island of Iso-Enskeri and Säppi lighthouse island are available during July. Take a look at the timetables and purchase your tickets to boat trip from our webstore.

You know the person?

Plato’s love location

When you’re desperately trying to get to “second base” – you should take your love interest to Kallo. You’ll immediately seem like a deep and thoughtful guy when you gaze at the horizon and stare quietly at the sea. Such a majestic location and after a number of dates in Kallo – I dare to say that things rarely stay platonic after this experience.

Plato (427–347 eaa.)

  • Go for a picnic or grab a coffee on a hot summer’s day.
  • Take a selfie in front of the lighthouse
  • Take a picture of your loved one in front of the sea
Plato’s love location