Kallo & Uniluoto

When the road ends, the dreaming begins

When someone from Pori falls in love, they take their sweetheart to Kallo to admire the smooth sea-kissed rocks. If this someone suffers a break-up, they watch the storm beat down on the same rocks.

Kallo is a small rocky island that can be reached by driving straight along National Road 2, even all the way from Helsinki. The atmosphere of Kallo leaves a mark in every visitor’s heart. Next to Kallo is Uniluoto, a seaside neighbourhood where you can sense both the calmness and the restlessness of the sea.

We recommend exploring the areas on foot and encourage visitors to respect the area’s unique natural values, wildlife and the privacy of local residents.

WOODEN HOUSES • Walking on the streets of Uniluoto, it’s hard not to think about moving there. What would life be like there? Would I finally be happy?

EXPERIENCE THE BOTHNIAN SEA AND ISLANDS• Boat trips to island of Iso-Enskeri and Säppi lighthouse island are available during July. Take a look at the timetables and purchase your tickets to boat trip from our webstore.