Come experience magical Reposaari!

Make a pilgrimage to the earthly capital of good vibes – Reposaari is an island that holds thousands of stories of the sea.

Reposaari, Räfsö, Räpsöö, Reffzöö – the island is known by many names. It has a lot to offer to openminded travellers. The island’s charming old buildings, the multicultural Reposfääri festival and the exciting fortress are only a few of the experiences available. During the summer season, you can explore Reposaari on walking tours organised by Visit Pori (by order in english) or take a boat trip to Iso-Enskeri.

REPOSAARI CHURCH • This Norwegian style fell church is worth a visit – the combination of the hexagonal church building, octagonal belfry and the monument to the torpedo boat S2 in the adjacent park are the embodiment of the Reposaari mentality.

RESTAURANTS • How about a meal made from fresh local seafood at Restaurant Merimesta or Restaurant Reposaari? Or maybe you’d prefer a traditional home-cooked meal at the Patria lunch restaurant? You won’t have to go hungry in Reposaari.

Stories from Reposaari


Historical fortress fascinates

Tickle your imagination by going on an adventure around the structures of Reposaari fortress.


Stunning views and engravings

Engravings and confessions carved in stone can be seen over a distance of several kilometres in Takaranta shore. The shore offers also a stunning view of the open sea.


Reposaari church

The architect of the Reposaari church completed in 1876 is unknown, but as far as is known, the drawings of the church were ordered from Stockholm. The church is hexagonal, the bell tower octagonal.


Marine milieu in Junnila

The cared-for lake shore park and a small lake decorate the yard of Junnila. In addition to nature, beautiful buildings and stone walls make Junnila a popular spot for taking photographs.


Take a boat trip to the islands

You can spend a nice day in the beautiful and diverse nature of the islands.


Marina Merilokki

A cosy and secluded guest harbour in Reposaari in Pori, near the Bothnian Sea National Park. You can come to the marina by car or boat, there is plenty of parking space for both.


Siikaranta Camping – accommodation by the sea

Siikaranta Camping is a natural camping area located by the open sea, offering cottage accommodation, caravan and car places and tent sites.


Breathtaking river estuary

Go on a cruise aboard a water bus to experience one of the most unusual places in the Nordic region.


Restaurant Merimesta

We are all about the sea!


Reelinki Seafront Villas

Two luxurious seaside villas.


Reposaari floating villas

A one-of-a-kind accommodation option in the seaside destination of Reposaari in Pori.