Come experience the magical parallel universe of Reposaari

Make a pilgrimage to the earthly capital of good vibes – Reposaari is an island that holds thousands of stories of the sea.

Reposaari, Räfsö, Räpsöö, Reffzöö – the island is known by many names. It has a lot to offer to openminded travellers. The island’s charming old buildings, the multicultural Reposfääri festival and the exciting fortress are only a few of the experiences available. During the summer season, you can explore Reposaari on walking tours organised by Visit Pori.

REPOSAARI CHURCH • This Norwegian style fell church is worth a visit – the combination of the hexagonal church building, octagonal belfry and the monument to the torpedo boat S2 in the adjacent park are the embodiment of the Reposaari mentality.

RESTAURANTS • How about a meal made from fresh local seafood at Restaurant Merimesta or Restaurant Reposaari? Or perhaps a mix of English pub culture and Reposaari’s local delicacies at the gastropub Merry Monk? Or maybe you’d prefer a traditional home-cooked meal at the Patria lunch restaurant? You won’t have to go hungry in Reposaari.

You know the person?

Catherine the Great’s memories of Reposaari

My husband is playing with dolls; my son hates me and I’ve been too busy with this renovation of Russia stuff. I’ve been thinking about some craft beer and smoothie pop up bars in the Hermitage – now that we’ve gained budget deficit back to people. But, I’m just too fed up with too many think-tanks and meetings – My start-up is going to turn into burnout if I don’t get to chill immediately.

That’s why I came to Reposaari – a place filled with true organic beauty. I want to live my life to the full, and I want to express my love without shackles. Here I don’t have to think about what my Twitter followers think about me. Reposaari is like the look in your lover’s eyes before the first kiss. Here you can live the vintage vibes of the sea – not only buy some stupid stuff from the so-called craft market.

Every building here has its own story, and the only scene you need to get into is the countryside where everyone is welcome. This is like a silent approval from the pickiest vegan baristas. I’d like to live here for the rest of my days, but someone has to get all the hipsters working as a team at home.

Catherine II (1729–1796)


  • Take a picture of food at a local restaurant
  • Take a selfie in front of steamboat Santtu
  • Start your own Reposaari start-up
  • Take a scenic panoramic view from the Linnakepuisto tower
  • Watch the movie Samurai Rauni and visit the movie locations
  • Tell everyone how weird Reposaari really is
Catherine the Great’s memories of Reposaari