Yyteri in Pori is the first beach resort in Finland to be awarded the Blue Flag certificate. Blue Flag is one of the world's most recognised environmental certifications for beach, marina and responsible boating tourism operators.


Yyteri is a one-of-a-kind destination that offers opportunities for fun in the sun around sand dunes that are protected under the Natura programme. Yyteri’s unique nature and excellent services provide activities all year round. Yyteri is different things for different people, but there is one experience that is common to every visitor: in Yyteri, you will discover your nature.

The shores and area of Yyteri are preserved in line with the protection objectives of the Natura 2000 network. Protecting the area is vitally important for the preservation of natural diversity and beauty. The protection measures ensure the conservation of the area’s natural habitats and species. The ever-changing sands of Yyteri form the largest continuous and active dune area in Southern Finland. Yyteri is also one of the most significant conservation zones of endangered dune biotopes in Finland.

Yyteri’s development is guided by the key themes of nature, beach, cleanliness and safety. The promotion of responsible tourism in Yyteri is an important focus area in the development efforts. All development related to Yyteri is pursued sustainably and responsibly.

Yyteri Beach is the first beach in Finland that has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag certificate in the category of beaches on 27.4.2022. To be awarded the certificate, a participant must meet and maintain strict criteria relating to the environment, safety and accessibility. Blue Flag is one of the world’s best-known environmental certifications for beach, marina and responsible boating tourism operators. Yyteri beach was the pilot site for Finland’s first Blue Flag beach. Yyteri contributes to the promotion and development of more sustainable tourism in Finland.



The ever-changing sands of Yyteri form the largest continuous and active dune area in Southern Finland. Yyteri is also one of the most significant conservation zones of endangered dune biotopes in Finland. If there were no plants to catch the wind-blown sand, there would be no dunes. Therefore, in order to protect the vulnerable dune environment, all visitors in Yyteri should be careful not to harm the lyme-grass and other flora in the area. Let’s ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy these dunes!

The dunes are also part of environmental education for schools. Every year, school classes participate in the restoration of the Yyteri beach and dunes by planting beach grass and collecting algae that has washed up on the sandy beach.

Please do not tread on the dunes and Lyme grass!

Beach dunes are a sensitive biotope. Please ensure their conservation by using the duckboards and the open beach plateau when exploring Yyteri.

Let’s enjoy Yyteri together!


  • Do not harm the vegetation on the Yyteri dunes or elsewhere in the area.
  • Do not harm any animals or damage their nests.
  • Building a fire, pitching a tent and other camping activities are forbidden. Yyteri has a designated camping area and campfire sites.
  • Motor vehicles and horseback riding are forbidden. You can cycle along the coastline and on the designated paths but not elsewhere on the beach or dunes.
  • Access onto Munakari and the neck of land leading to it is prohibited between 1 April and 31 July.
  • We recommend SUP boarding, surfing or sailing instead of motor boats. Boats are forbidden within 250 metres from the shoreline.
  • Dogs are not allowed on Yyteri beach. The dog beach is located in Merisatamatie 13.


  • Do not leave any food wrappers or other litter on the beach; use the litter bins provided. Minimise your food waste.
  • Pick up your litter at lunch spots and keep to the path to protect the natural beauty on the hiking trails.
  • Minimise, recycle and sort your waste. There are waste management points at Yyteri square and on the beach, next to the restrooms, for sorting glass, metal, paper and cardboard waste.
  • Please do not burn any waste at the campfire sites. Clean paper shall also be recycled.




Yyteri’s nature has unique appeal. Yyteri, the Bothnian Sea National Park and the area’s protected status under the Natura programme represent emerging competitive advantages in tourism: clean nature, beach, safety and sustainable development. All development activities at Yyteri are carried out with careful consideration for these pull factors while also taking into account the area’s basic elements: sand, sea and pine forests.

Yyteri is developed in close cooperation with the authorities, local operators and residents. One example of Yyteri’s strong social responsibility is employing young people in the cleaning services at the beach. The residents and users of the area are engaged in the process of looking after the shared environment in many ways, including volunteer campaigns. Yyteri’s stakeholder cooperation includes concrete protection and cleaning activities. The city’s residents are also engaged in the planning of Yyteri’s future.

Yyteri also supports eco-friendly mobility in the area. For example, there are companies offering mountain bike and fatbike rental services in Yyteri. Yyteri is continuously being made easier to reach: in the summer, Yyteri is easily accessible by public transport using bus services whose timetables are set according to trains arriving in and departing from Pori.

The conservation of the dunes is ensured by directing visitors to use the gangways and the open beach plateau when exploring Yyteri. Some of the gangways are made from recycled materials. The various signposts in the area provide a great deal of information on the local nature, exploring the area and the need to reduce littering. The conservation of the dune habitat and the unique plant and animal populations of the area are also emphasised on the signs. Focus has also been placed on waste management and the provision of electricity using solar panels, for example. The sustainable development perspective is also considered in all choices of construction materials. The Yyteri-branded products have also been selected with responsibility in mind.

Tourists are placing increasing importance on responsibility, and it is also a strategic pull factor for Yyteri. Yyteri is being developed for tourists, driven by nature values and with consideration for building a sustainable future. The goal is to maintain the authenticity and cleanliness of the beach for future generations to enjoy.