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The Pori coastline is a dream destination for nature lovers. Stretching for kilometres, the golden sands of Yyteri are a summer paradise for the whole family.

The vast sand dunes, meadows and river delta teeming with birdlife and the Bothnian Sea National Park offer unique experiences for nature lovers all year round.

Embraced by Yyteri, you are free to focus only on the here and now. Your only regret will be not visiting sooner. Welcome!

Active Yyteri

Unlimited sand, unlimited creativity. Yyteri offers a wide range of activities for families and those quick on their feet. Instead of a spending a day on the beach, you can dip into the hotel spa pools, set out on the kilometres-long hiking trails, climb the ropeways at the adventure park or visit the observation tower to enjoy the best views of Yyteri.

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The Yyteri area features tens of kilometres of cycling routes, from paved roads to dirt trails.

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Standup paddling

Standup paddling is a fun and unhurried activity for the whole family.

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The favourable winds and shallow shore are ideal for surfers.

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Practice horseback riding on the open field, or set out for a guided nature trail ride.

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Experience Yyteri’s nature in a totally new way: climb high along courses suspended from the trees.

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Golf enthusiasts are treated to unique views from the golf course situated right at the beachfront.

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The combination of warm baths, massaging waterfalls and the traditional Finnish sauna is refreshing to the mind and body.

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The coastal sea areas and the Kokemäenjoki river delta offer fantastic scenery for canoeing.

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Beach games

If you grow bored of mere sunbathing, we have the space for beach football or a beach volleyball.

Relax and regain your strength

As many as 15 nature towers and over 30 kilometers of various types of hiking trails for all outdoorsy types to take delight in. Free of charge and all year round.


The Kokemäenjoki river delta and the Yyteri beach are each the largest of their kind in the Nordic countries. The grandeur of nature never ceases to be awe-inspiring, whether during a midnight yoga session below the starry sky or while sharing the experience with others.


The undisputed cream of the crop of the local Satakunta cuisine are fish caught straight from their watery domain. A particularly delicious local dish from Pori is crucified whitefish, a prophet on its own land and the herald of peace.


Daydreams on the sands, nights of hygge in a beach cottage, and unimpeded harmony between body and mind in the calm of nature. Come and experience our alternative truth at Yyteri for yourself.

nature towers for all outdoorsy types

kilometers of various types of hiking trails

Do the CTAM*!

Coastal Tour for Ambitious Motorists

Fill up your thermos flask, lean back nicely on your driver’s seat and tell your travel companions to get their cameras ready as you’re about to set out on a day-long cruise, the CTAM, along the coastal roads around Pori!


Paradise for family

Six kilometres of soft sand to sink your toes in while bathing in the sun, and warm seas as far as the eye can see. Younger kids can spend the day building sand castles or wetting their feet in the shallow water in search of seashells.

Yyteri for furry friends

Sitting by and observing the purity of animal joy is a true natural stimulant, which is available in abundance at the Yyteri dog beach. The shore is often bustling on hot summer days, but there is no worry about space running out, as the nearly half-a-kilometre long beach is roomy enough for even a larger pack of our best friends.

Last one in the water buys ice cream!

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